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Re: [Linux-cluster] Preventing clvmd timeouts

My first thought is that since a two node cluster is at best a misnomer, then clvmd won't work as expected since it might require the operational semantics of a proper quorum based cluster (three nodes/votes or better). That's how I understand it anyway so if anyone has info the contrary, please chime in and correct me. If it work as I think it does, then perhaps the devs could insert a check to ensure all pre reqs are met before even attempting this and spitting out the appropriate message?

One thing you could take advantage of is qdiskd in order to attain a quorum based cluster with two nodes. It's not an ideal solution but it can work quite nicely if you are limited to two nodes.

If it will in fact work properly with a two node "cluster" then it could be the result of a node being fenced and not acknowledged properly?

Not much help but some things to think about.


2012/1/26 Devrim GÜNDÜZ <devrim gunduz org>


This is RHEL 6.2, where all packages are up2date.

For a simple 2-node cluster, clvmd cannot start, because it cannot scan
clustered LVs -- if one of the nodes are down. It simply hangs in the
vgscan phase.

Is that the expected behaviour? If not, what is the recommended way to
get rid of this?

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