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[Linux-cluster] Nodes are getting Down while relocating service


We  are facing some issue while configuring cluster in Centos 5.5

Here is the scenario where we got stuck.


All nodes in the cluster turned of if cluster services restarted or
disabled or enabled.

Three services should work as a clustered service,

1.     Postgresql.
2.     GFS (1TB SAN space which is mounted on /var/lib/pgsql)
3.     Virtual IP (common IP)—IP

Even we tried adding only Virtual IP as a cluster service then also,

#clusvcadm  -r DBService –m ssdgblade2.db2   (from ssdgblade1.db1)

Could not relocate the service and both node get turned off.


CentOS 5.5
Postgresql 8.3.3
Kernel version-2.6.18-194
CentOs Cluster Suit.


1.    Chasis IBM BladeCenter E.
2.    IBM HS22 blades (8 numbers)—clustering is done in blade1 and blade2
3.    Blade Management Module IP is
4.    Fence device IBM Bladecenter.( login successful via telnet and
web browser to management module).
5.    Cisco Catalyst 2960G Switch.

IP: (ssdgblade1.db1) (ssdgblade2.db2)

Virtual IP
Multicast IP

Diagnostic Steps followed:

1.     Removed postgresql and GFS from cluster service and rebooted
both the server with only VIP service. Still problem exist. Can not
relocate the service.
2.    Tested fencing by,

#fence_node ssdgblade2.db2   (from db1)
#fence_node ssdgblade1.db1   (from db2)

Can fence the given node.  But during boot up it fence the other node.

Please find the attachment for your reference.

Thanks & Regards,

*Arun K P

System Administrator

*HCL Infosystems Ltd*.


Mob: +91- 9903361422

*www.hclinfosystems.in* <http://www.hclinfosystems.in/>

*Technology that touches lives* *TM*

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