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[Linux-cluster] cman service stucks during booting of cluster node

Hi All,

I am facing some issues with startup of  cluster nodes after configuring a node two cluster using xen virtualization and redhat cluster suite. The issue is that when i fence any of the cluster nodes using fence_xvm or by using conga interface ,  the cluster host while booting up gets stucked at starting the fencing component of the cman service . The boot process got halts there . Same happens when I reboot the host. But if do chkconfig cman off and start the cman service after the host completely boots , then  cman service start successfully without any delay including the fencing component . So , my understanding is that  there is some dependency for fencing component of cman service which is available after the host boots up . I am using xen fencing and iptables is disabled on both the nodes. 

Please provide suggestions/steps how to troubleshoot this.


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