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Re: [Linux-cluster] Strange behaviours in two-node cluster


Thank you for the quick reply. I'm going to ask if we can upgrade to Red Hat 5.8.

Moreover, the machines don't have now performance problems (we are still in pre). But all is virtual, under VMWare, so a punctual problem in the VMWare  infrastructure can affect us. Do you know some way to test network problems that could affect RHCS?

I tried tcpdump and iperf, but haven't seen anything.

Regards, Javi.

2012/7/17 Digimer <lists alteeve ca>
On 07/17/2012 03:30 AM, Javier Vela wrote:
> Hi, I'm also seeing a lot of log entries in the logs like that:
> openais[4264]: [TOTEM] Retransmit List: 34 35 36 37 38 39 3a 3b 3c
> I've searched through internet and this happens when there are some
> delay between the nodes, but openais its supposed to recover gracefully.
> Can this be a problem?
> 2012/7/16 Javier Vela <jvdiago gmail com <mailto:jvdiago gmail com>>

I saw this happen with a bug in rhel 6.1 when the nodes were too slow.
I'm wondering if a) you have network problems somewhere or b) you have
insufficient performance on your nodes.

Usually it recovers on it's own, but I have seen it run away to the
point where I had to stop the cluster. That was on modest hardware in a
test environment. On all production machines I've seen, it recovered on
it's own.

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