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Re: [Linux-cluster] RHEL 6 two-node cluster - nodes killing each other's cman

For automatic recovery, you have to use power fencing. Fabric fencing (like fencing at a SAN switch) is perfectly safe, but it requires human intervention.

The problem is that the messages passed around the cluster in the closed process group (CPG) are sequenced. Once a node falls out of sequence, it needs to be restarted. To automate this, power fence the node. When it boots back up, it should automatically rejoin the cluster with a clean state.

May I ask why you're so careful to avoid a restart? The whole idea of clustering is to have no/minimal interruption of service during a node failure.


On 07/26/2012 12:04 PM, DIMITROV, TANIO wrote:
Thanks Digimer,

Yes, this works but it cannot be done automatically - and that's my problem.
I'm trying to figure out what is the reason for killing CMAN - what if I use SAN switch as a fencing device to block access to the SAN - my node won't be rebooted and I will run into the same situation?
Is it at all possible for the node to rejoin the cluster without rebooting /CMAN restarting?
And if it is not, what about the SAN switch fencing scenario?

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On 07/26/2012 11:44 AM, DIMITROV, TANIO wrote:
I'm testing RHEL 6.2 cluster using CMAN.
It is a two-node cluster, no shared data. The problem is that if there is a connectivity problem between the nodes, each of them continues working as stand-alone - which is OK (no shared data, manual fencing). But when the connection comes back up the nodes kill each other's cman instances :

Jul 26 13:58:05.000 node1 corosync[15771]: cman killed by node 2 because we were killed by cman_tool or other application
Jul 26 13:58:05.000 node1 gfs_controld[15900]: cluster is down, exiting
Jul 26 13:58:05.000 node1 gfs_controld[15900]: daemon cpg_dispatch error 2
Jul 26 13:58:05.000 node1 dlm_controld[15848]: cluster is down, exiting

Can this be avoided somehow?

Thanks in advance!

Use real fencing.

The problem is, I believe, that the CPG messages fall out of sync. You
could try stopping cman on one node, reconnecting the network and
restarting cman on the one node again.

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