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Re: [Linux-cluster] Quorum device brain the cluster when master lose network

Hello GouNiNi

Don't use expected votes directive let the cluster calculate that, if you wanna a cluster it's remain quorate with two nodes + quorum disk, the quorum votes must be 2 votes

all votes = 6 : 6 - 2 = 4 and the resoult it's more then half

Sorry for my english, i hope the idea it's clear for you

2012/7/30 GouNiNi <gounini geekarea gmail com>

I did some tests on 4 nodes cluster with quorum device and I find a bad situation with one test, so I need your knowledges to correct my configuration.

4 nodes, all vote for 1
quorum device vote for 1 (to hold services with minimum 2 nodes up)
cman expected votes 5

I shut down network on 2 nodes, one of them is master.

Fencing of one node (the master)... Quorum device Offline, Quorum disolved ! Services stopped.
Fenced node reboot, cluster is quorate, 2nd offline node is fenced. Services restart.
2nd node offline reboot.

My cluster is not quorate for 8 min (very long hardware boot :-) and my services were offline.

Do you know how to prevent this situation?


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