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Re: [Linux-cluster] Named pipes not working on GFS2 in Redhat 5.x

----- Original Message -----
| Hello,
| I have got a problem with named pipes (fifo files)on GFS2 shared
| filesystem. I can't use them on single machine (mean write and read
| on the single host in cluster).
| It works well on GFS and local FS like ext3. I have tried to upgrade
| kernel version to 5.8 as it seems the problem has been addressed but
| the issue remain as it was before.
| The bug registered is under id 450276, can anybody knows where the
| compiled resolution can be found
| Regards
| Piotr

Hi Piotr,

I'm not entirely sure what you mean, so I have some questions.

(1) You say "single machine" and "in a cluster" but this is contradictory.
I think of "single machine" as outside of a cluster. So does your failure
occur on a single machine or in a cluster? Or do you mean that the
problem occurs on one node of a cluster but not the other node?

(2) Does your program fail on the 5.8 kernel or on a different kernel?
If so, which kernel does it fail on?

(3) If you are a Red Hat customer, you should open a support case with
Red Hat. If you're not a Red Hat customer, you can open a new bugzilla 
record for the problem. But please include the program that works on
other file systems but not on GFS2. (Hopefully source code).

I verified that the patch for bz #450276 exists in the RHEL5.8 kernel.
This is a very old bz and the fix has been in many kernels now.


Bob Peterson
Red Hat File Systems

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