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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem in Cluster

2012/6/13 kailash kumawat <kailash kumawat rudrainfotainment com>

I am using two machine for the cluster and i am using 192.168.1.X network for the private network and one for the public ip see the details below

node1                                    node2                         node3
Primary Cluster                    Secondary Cluster           LUCI                     

i have one public ip which is so i want to use this public as a floating ip for my web server because this is the register ip in my DNS server so can anyone help me for configure cluster server because http is not starting when i m using this public ip as a floating ip.


Please attach your cluster.conf and give the versions of your cluster packages (and OS) if you want some help.
It could simply be a mis-ordered IP and apache in your cluster.conf resources.
Does the apache service start fine when launched manually? (floating IP must be up first if your httpd.conf is relying on this IP)


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