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Re: [Linux-cluster] Node can´t join already quorated c luster‏

Hello Javier

Can you send the ouput of this command for every node?

vgs -o tags,vg_name

2012/6/20 Javier Vela <jvdiago gmail com>
In the lvm.conf I have in volume_list the name of the vg_qdisk so this volume group should be available to both nodes at the same time.

My volume_list in lvm.conf:

volume_list = [ "vg00", "vg_qdisk", "@node1-hb" ]

volume_list = [ "vg00", "vg_qdisk", "@node2-hb" ]

Moreover with the comand lvdisplay I can see that the lv is available to both nodes. But maybe is worth to try another qdisk without lvm.



Since you have HA-LVM, are you using volume tagging ? I noticed that your quorum disk belongs to a volume group vg_qdisk and I think when the first node that will activate the volumegroup will not allow the second node to activate the volumegroup because of volume tagging, so remove the quorumdisk from the volumegroup and just use it as a physical volume.

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