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Re: [Linux-cluster] Clarifications needed on Setting up a two node HA cluster

Is your primary concern load balancing or high availability?

On 06/26/2012 10:36 AM, Zama Ques wrote:
Hi ,

I need to setup a two node HA cluster on top of HP blade servers using
Redhat Cluster Solution.  I have started going through the docs and have
the following  doubts as of now.

I am planning to build my two node setup based on the following
architecture as shown in Fig 1.1 in

As per t'he above fig, I am planning to build my setup as per the
following .

1) Each of the nodes will have two interfaces. One interface say eth0 on
both the nodes will be assigned private addresses and
     will be connected to a switch which will be used for cluster
traffic.The other interface on both the nodes say eth1 will be
     assigned public ip address and will be connected to another switch
which is connected to internet via a firewall/router . I
     will also be assigning a virtual public ip address to the cluster
by configuring a ip resource in conga. This ip address I
    will add it to  Listen directive in apache configuration file  so
that apache listens on this ip address only to serve client
     requests. This ip address will also resolve to a registered domain
name for our portal which we are going to serve by this

    And as a prerequisite for conga setup , I will update /etc/hosts on
both nodes by supplying FQDNs
    corresponding to private ip address assigned earlier on eth0 on both
the nodes.

2) Regarding storage , I am not sure as of now what kind of storage
device will be used . If it is not a SAN storage
than I will  configure one of the partitions on the storage as iscsi
target and will share it to both the cluster nodes.
 From both the cluster nodes , I will create volumes using clvm and will
use GFS on top of it as file system .

3)Regarding cluster resource , we will be using apache as one of the
resource to serve http traffic. Will configure apache
using Conga and after configuration is done , will copy the httpd config
file manually to the other cluster node . Will not
start apache service on both cluster nodes and will leave it to cluster
software to start services . Will also do chkconfig
httpd off on both the nodes and will also not update /etc/fstab with the
GFS file system leaving it to cluster node to handle
mounting of a file system.

Sorry for writing too lenghthy  , but want to clear my doubts before
starting up.

Will be very much grateful if members can read my long mail with
patience and reply back whether I am going in the right direction.

Thanks in Advance

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