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Re: [Linux-cluster] Options for fencing at the node level .

On 06/28/2012 10:32 PM, Zama Ques wrote:
Hi All ,

I need to setup HA clustering using redhat cluster suite on two nodes ,
primary concern being high availability . Before trying it on production
, I am trying to configure the setup on two desktop machines . For
storage , I am creating a partition and sharing the partition as a iscsi
target on a third machine . Would like to know what are the options for
fencing available at the node level  .  I tried going through the conga
interface for creating a
shared fence device , I could see one option is using GNBD . virtual
machine fencing is there in the list but that is for xen based HA
cluster . scsi fencing is there , but as far as what I understand it
does not support iscsi target as of now. Manual fencing is also there ,
and I am planning to use that , but would like to  know is there any
other options are available for fencing at node level ?

Thanks in Advance

You need a real device that will power off the cluster node. If your machines do not have IPMI, which desktops rarely ever do, you next best option is a switched PDU. I have had excellent luck with APC AP7900 (or your country's version of). The cluster can call this PDU and ask it to turn off the power to the target node.

Fencing requires a mechanism totally independent of the target. With virtual machines, the host hypervisor can do this. For real machines though, you need hardware.

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