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Re: [Linux-cluster] Questionas about fence_vmware_soap


I don't know fence_vmware_soap but for ESXi 4.1 I've written
a "fence_esxi" (based on fence_apc) which connects by ssh and
simply powers on/off the VM by means of "vim-cmd".

Please send me a private mail if you like to have it :)


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> Betreff: [Linux-cluster] Questionas about fence_vmware_soap
> Hi all,
>  I have some doubts about using fence_vmware_soap under vSphere
> Infrastructure (4.1).
> a) Can I use this fence device under an ESXi 4.1 standalone server
> without using vCenter server??
> b) To use fence_vmware_soap with vCenter server, what privileges needs
> vCenter user to fence cluster nodes?? start, stop and restart are
> right or do I neeed to configure more??
> Thanks.
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