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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with ping as an heuristic with qdiskd

i'll try to be more clear

i work on redhat cluster from 2 years and i seen this topic so much times

this it's the problem with redhat cluster ping+quorum

If i have a two node cluster with public_net+private_net

I think it's normal my services switch if have the public network  down on the node where the resource group was running,But But But with ping as heuristic you get a node fence

And remember when you use a quorum disk on redhat cluster the fence decision it's based on the ping or heuristic

Sorry i tell you something in Italian

Usare il ping sul qdisk aggiungi solo dei problemi al cluster

I nodi in un cluster devono essere fensati solo se perdono l'accesso al qdisk o la rete privata non funziona, in caso la mia rete privata è ok e i nodo riesco a accedere ai diski ma rete publica non funziona le risorse devono lo switchare

Tell me if you need more info about the ping

Il giorno 09 marzo 2012 16:44, Gianluca Cecchi <gianluca cecchi gmail com> ha scritto:
On Fri, 9 Mar 2012 15:39:43 +0100, emmanuel segura wrote:

> Hello Gianluca
> Do you have a cluster private network?
> if your answer it's yes i recommend don't use heuristic because if your cluster public network goes down
> your cluster take a fencing loop
> Or you can do something better, use pacemaker+corosync

My cluster is RH EL 5.7 based. Pacemaker is not an option here...
And also, if I remember correctly, pacemaker in 6.2 is not officialy
supported yet. Probably in 6.3?
I do have a private network that is in place.
Here we are talking about heuristic to manage fencing decisions, based
on both quorum disk reachability and network serviceability (ping to
gateway for the production network must be ok)

see also (even if not so recent):

But in the mean time I also found this thread:

and in fact during last weeks we got a nightly job consisting of a big
ftp to an external site and it could be related to my problem...

I have to evaluate if
ping -c3 -t3 -W1
could be a better option in our new situation during night

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