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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing: Prevent rebooting halted node

Hello Nicolas

The first i can recommend it's use a quorum disk and for your problem i know that it's called fencing-loop

you got two choices

1:don't put the daemons cluster at boot time
2:If you use a qdisk you can use clean_start="1" in the fence_daemon tag, this can be used if you are not using gfs or gfs2 or <cmantwo_node="1"expected_votes="1"/>

Il giorno 21 marzo 2012 11:43, Nicolas Ecarnot <nicolas ecarnot net> ha scritto:

We are setting up a new cluster and we still have tests and questions.
At present, our cluster is two nodes only, with a very simple setup.
fencing is done with fence_ipmilan, and the only action we do is rebooting.
Today, I tried to completely switch both nodes off, then boot up node 1.
It perfectly boots up and serves as it should.
But detecting the missing one, fencing is ran on node 2 and boots it up.

I would like to avoid that, and keep the stopped nodes stopped.

I don't know if there's a way I could improve my cluster.conf to do that?
Either improve my fencedevice command, but I did not find many more option in the fence_ipmilan man page...
Either there's a way to first do a test (?) before doing any further action?

I'd be glad to read your advice.

My setup :


 <clusternode name="node1" nodeid="1">
  <method name="1">
   <device name="node1_ipmi" action="">   </method>
 <clusternode name="node2" nodeid="2">
  <method name="1">
   <device name="node2_ipmi" action="">   </method>

 <fencedevice name="node1_ipmi" agent="fence_ipmilan" ipaddr="c-node1" login="alogin" passwd="apwd"/>
 <fencedevice name="node2_ipmi" agent="fence_ipmilan" ipaddr="c-node2" login="alogin" passwd="apwd"/>



Nicolas Ecarnot

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