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Re: [Linux-cluster] Fencing: Prevent rebooting halted node

Le 21/03/2012 12:23, emmanuel segura a écrit :
Hello Nicolas

Hello Emmanuel,

The first i can recommend it's use a quorum disk

I do use a quorum disk. I did not mention it as I thought this had nothing to do with my issue.

and for your problem i
know that it's called fencing-loop

Ok, I'll search on that subject.

you got two choices

1:don't put the daemons cluster at boot time

In fact, I do want the cluster daemons to be ran at boot time. This is a good behaviour.
I just want dead nodes to remain dead, until manual intervention.

2:If you use a qdisk you can use clean_start="1" in the fence_daemon
tag, this can be used if you are not using gfs or gfs2 or

I am using gfs2...

To cope with my problem, I was looking whether it was possible to call my own script in cluster.conf? I don't know if this is permitted and what return code is expected?

Nicolas Ecarnot

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