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Re: [Linux-cluster] Where to find information on HA-LVM

If you can post you config, that would go a long way towards helping you out. otherwise you are asking people to guess at your problem as there could be many, or just something small.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2012 at 5:09 PM, Chen, Ming Ming <ming-ming chen hp com> wrote:


IN RHEL 6 release, it says that :

• If you are using a clustered system for failover where only a single node that accesses the storage

is active at any one time, you should use High Availability Logical Volume Management agents (HALVM).


That is exactly what I want to do, but could not find any information about HALVM, and if it is included in the RHEL 6.

Any information will be appreciated.





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Subject: [Linux-cluster] [TOTEM] The consensus timeout expired.


Hi all,

I have a cluster with two blades in IBM  BladeCenter. Following error is appearing when I start cman service and it keep repeating the message /var/log/messages -

 openais[10770]: [TOTEM] The consensus timeout expired.
 openais[10770]: [TOTEM] entering GATHER state from 3.

Heart beating IP is available on the blade and link to blade2 is also fine. Cluster on blade2 is not running.

Services like iptables and portmap are also down.

Has anyone encountered such error and resolved it?

I am using RHEL 5.5

cman_tool version
6.2.0 config 1


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