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Re: [Linux-cluster] Two clusters in the network with same "name" in cluster.conf


if you RAELLY need two clusters with the same name on the same subnet,
then try to adjust the following parameters and use unique values for
each cluster:

/Multicast network configuration/
    cman uses multicast UDP packets to communicate with other nodes in
    the cluster. By default it will generate a multicast address using
    239.192.x.x where x.x is the 16bit cluster ID number split into
    bytes. This, in turn is generated from a hash of the cluster name
    though it can be specified explicitly. The purpose of this is to
    allow multiple clusters to share the same subnet - they will each
    use a different multicast address. You might also/instead want to
    isolate clusters using the port number as shown above.

    It is possible to override the multicast address by specifying it in
    cluster.conf as shown:

    <cman> <multicast addr=""/> </cman>

/Cluster ID/
    The cluster ID number is used to isolate clusters in the same
    subnet. Usually it is generated from a hash of the cluster name, but
    it can be overridden here if you feel the need. Sometimes cluster
    names can hash to the same ID.

    <cman cluster_id="669"> </cman>

Kind regards,

On 03/28/2012 09:14 AM, Parvez Shaikh wrote:
> Hi experts,
> I am running in to a problem in a situation where two clusters in the
> network have same name.
> Node A, Node B : cluster name CLUSTER
> Node C, Node D : cluster name CLUSTER
> Node C and Node D's cluster is running fine however when I start node
> A it copies /etc/cluster.conf (I believe ccsd) from either C and D and
> replaces its own and start attempting a cluster, of course it fails
> because C or D is not a host name of node A.
> Is it possible to have more than one clusters in same network, these
> nodes are in IBM blades hosted in Bladecenter and the heart beat IPs
> are on private network.
> Thanks
> --
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