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Re: [Linux-cluster] help

On 05/29/2012 02:54 AM, AKIN ÿffffffffffd6ZTOPUZ wrote:
>     Hello
> I need configuration steps about 2 nodes  rhel(5) cluster with quorum disk .
> my config   like that  :
> each node has 1 vote
> quorum disk has 1 vote
> cman expected vote is 3
> quorum will be protected in 2 votes  so when one node is down cluster
> will be up
> whats other things should I care about it  in cluster config? 
> thanks in advance

First off, I *strongly* recommend using RHEL6, not 5. There have been
many improvements, plus, EL6 will be supported longer.

What are you trying to do with your cluster? I suspect that a quorum
disk is not necessary, though if you have a SAN anyway, I wouldn't argue
against using it. Unless you need the heuristics though, it's probably
not needed. You can safely build a 2-node cluster, you just need to make
sure your fence devices work (which is needed, regardless).

I have a tutorial that shows how to implement a cluster using cman,
clvmd and other components. It also discusses the cluster components
from a high-level, which may help.


Papers and Projects: https://alteeve.com

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