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[Linux-cluster] Announce: pcs / pcs-gui (Pacemaker/Corosync Configuration System)

I'd like to announce the existence of the "Pacemaker/Corosync configuration system", PCS.

The emphasis in PCS differs somewhat from the existing shell:
- Configure the complete cluster (corosync plus pacemaker) from scratch
- Emphasis is on modification not display
- Avoid XML round-tripping
- Syntax won't be restricted to concepts from the underlying XML (which
  should make it easier to configure simple clusters)
- Provide the ability to remotely configure corosync, start/stop cluster and
  get status.

In addition, it will do much of the back-end work for a new GUI being developed, also by Red Hat (pcs-gui).

PCS will continue the tradition of having a regression test suite and discoverable 'ip'-like hierarchical "menu" structure, however unlike the shell we may end up not adding interactivity.

Both projects are far from complete, but so far PCS can:
- Create corosync/pacemaker clusters from scratch
- Add simple resources and add constraints
- Create/Remove resource groups
- Set most pacemaker configuration options
- Start/Stop pacemaker/corosync
- Get basic cluster status

I'm currently working on getting PCS fully functional with Fedora 17 (and it should work with other distributions based on corosync 2.0, pacemaker 1.1 and systemd).

I'm hoping to have a fairly complete version of PCS for the Fedora 17 release (or very shortly thereafter) and a functioning version of pcs-gui (which includes the ability to remotely start/stop nodes and set corosync config) by the Fedora 18 release.

The code for both projects is currently hosted on github (https://github.com/feist/pcs & https://github.com/feist/pcs-gui)

You can view a sample pcs session to get a preliminary view of how pcs will work - https://gist.github.com/2697640

Comments and contributions are welcome.


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