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[Linux-cluster] gfs2-utils 3.1.5 Released


gfs2-utils 3.1.5 has been released. This version features bug fixes and performance enhancements for fsck.gfs2 in particular, better handling of symlinks in mkfs.gfs2, a small block manipulation language to aid future testing, a gfs2_lockcapture script which replaces gfs2_lockgather, and various other minor enhancements and bug fixes.

The mount.gfs2 helper utility has been removed as it is no longer required to mount gfs2 file systems. gfs2_tool and gfs2_quota have also been removed. Users of gfs2_quota should now use the generic quota utilities and users of gfs2_tool should now use tunegfs2, gfs2 mount options and the generic dmsetup and chattr/lsattr tools.

See below for a full list of changes. The source tarball is available from:


To report bugs or issues, please file them against the gfs2-utils component of Fedora (rawhide) at:



Andy Price
Red Hat File Systems

Changes since 3.1.4:

Andrew Price (29):
      gfs2_utils: Improve error messages
      fsck.gfs2: Fix handling of eattr indirect blocks
      libgfs2: Remove gfs_get_leaf_nr
      libgfs2: Clean up some warnings
      gfs2-utils: Remove references to unlinked file tag
      gfs2_edit: Fix find_mtype and support gfs1 structures
      gfs2_edit: Clean up some magic offsets
      libgfs2: Use flags for versions in metadata description
      mkfs.gfs2: Check for symlinks before reporting device contents
      gfs2-utils: Remove obsolete tools
      gfs2-utils: Make building gfs_controld optional
      gfs2-utils: Only build group/ when gfs_controld is enabled
      gfs2-utils: Remove unused exported functions
      mkfs.gfs2: Avoid a rename race when checking file contents
      fsck.gfs2: Fix buffer overflow in get_lockproto_table
      libgfs2: Remove exit calls from inode_read and inode_get
      libgfs2: Remove exit call from __gfs_inode_get
      gfs2_edit: Some comment cleanups
      mkfs.gfs2: Check locktable more strictly for valid chars
      libgfs2: Add a gfs2 block query language
      libgfs2: Move valid_block into fsck.gfs2
      libgfs2: gfs2_get_bitmap performance enhancements
      fsck.gfs2: Fix build failure
      gfs2-utils: build: Avoid using the kernel versions of kernel headers
      libgfs2: Add a small testing language UI
      gfs2-utils: Update .gitignore
      gfs2-utils: Remove gfs2_lockgather
      gfs2-utils: Rename lockgather directory to lockcapture
      gfs2-utils: Remove remaining references to gfs2_lockgather

Bob Peterson (8):
      gfs2_edit savemeta: Get rid of "slow" mode
      gfs2_edit savemeta: report save statistics more often
      gfs2_edit savemeta: fix block range checking
      gfs2_edit restoremeta: sync changes on a regular basis RHEL6
      gfs_controld: fix ignore_nolock for mounted nolock fs
      fsck.gfs2: soften the messages when reclaiming freemeta blocks
      fsck.gfs2: Check for formal inode number mismatch
      GFS2: Fix a compiler warning in pass2's check_dentry

Shane Bradley (1):
gfs2-utils: Added a new script called gfs2_lockcapture that will capture lockdump data.

Steven Whitehouse (3):
libgfs2: libgfs2.h: Add gfs_block_tag structure, and some more flag symbols
      mount.gfs2: Remove obsolete tool
      libgfs2: Add pointer restriction flags

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