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[Linux-cluster] Fence agents - breaking compatibility


In last few weeks there were a lot of internal changed in source code of fence agents to make code more readable, clean and adaptable. In order to clean up code a bit more and remove historical burden, we would like to remove/replace some options (details are in 7 patches at cluster-devel).

These changes will be part of next major version of fence agents. There will be at least one upstream release (3.1.12) without these changes.

Brief overview:

* most of the fence agents:
* removed option -T / test (command line / STDIN) --> you can use -o monitor / action to test if fence device is working * removed option -q / quiet --> fence agents are quiet enough by default
    * replaced --udpport / udpport --> use --ipport / ipport
* on STDIN we also supported these options (this transition was done automatically in code) which are now replaced
        blade -> port
        option -> action
        fm -> port
        hostname -> ippaddr

* (fence_drac5) removed -m / modulename / module_name --> replaced by standard -n / --plug / port this affect only Dell Drac CMC as other Drac devices do not use machine specification at all * (fence_lpar) removed -n / partition --> replaced by standard -n / --plug / port

* (fence_rsb) removed -n / telnet_port --> replaced by --ipport / ipport


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