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Re: [Linux-cluster] linux-cluster


On Tue, Oct 2, 2012 at 7:33 PM, Digimer <lists alteeve ca> wrote:
> The reason it is not safe is that an admin is likely to issue it in a panic
> while trying to get a hung cluster back online. If this happens without


> first ensuring the peer node(s) is fenced, you can walk into a split-brain.

My first attempts without fencing landed me in the nightmare of "been
there done that" of cleaning up the mess of split brain or more aptly,
"the fluid brain which hit the fan"

To rephrase the old adage "To err is human, but to really, completely
mess it up, it takes a cluster with split brain". It might be probably
easier to use magnet to write bits on the disk than to clean up *that*

Not to talk about downtime and the fury of users.

No baby, A HA cluster ain't worth its name without fencing.

And mine was in an academic environment.



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