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[Linux-cluster] Announce: pcs-0.9.26

We've been making improvements to the pcs (pacemaker/corosync configuration system) command line tool over the past few months.

Currently you can setup a basic cluster (including configuring corosync 2.0 udpu).

David Vossel has also created a version of the "Clusters from Scratch" document that illustrates setting up a cluster using pcs. This should be showing up shortly.

You can view the source here: https://github.com/feist/pcs/

Or download the latest tarball:

There is also a Fedora 18 package that will be included with the next release. You should be able to find that package in the following locations...



In the near future we are planning on having builds for SUSE & Ubuntu/Debian.

We're also actively working on a GUI/Daemon that will allow control of your entire cluster from one node and/or a web browser.

Please feel free to email me (cfeist redhat com) or open issues on the pcs project at github (https://github.com/feist/pcs/issues) if you have any questions or problems.


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