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Re: [Linux-cluster] cannot run cluster service

Your fencing is not setup properly. You define the fence devices, but do not use them as <method>'s under each node definition. You should be able to 'fence_node <target>' and watch it get rebooted. Until then, your cluster will hang (by design) the first time there is a problem.

Assuming you want to use clustered LVM, you need to change locking_type to '3' and, I advise, change 'falllback_to_local_locking' to '0'. This also requires that the 'clvmd' daemon is running, which in turn needs cman to be running first.

What is your backing device for the LVM PV?


On 10/10/2012 03:06 AM, Shanti Pahari wrote:
Dear all,

I have cluster setup with 2 node and created web cluster service on it
but it cannot run.

I have not listed anything in lvm.conf volume_list because once I add
anything in volume_list and reboot the system then I cannot mount and
even cannot read the lv which I created for my web . It throws error as

error message "not activating volume group lv does not pass activation

Therefore I didn’t add anything in lvm.conf . Then I try to start my
cluster servers for web server but the service failed.

Please help me so that I can solve this out.

I have attached my cluster.conf , lvdisplay , /var/log/messages and
lvm.conf and my /etc/hosts.

I will be greatful if anyone can help me!


And my clustat:

Cluster Status for PDC-PIC-PL-CL @ Wed Oct 10 14:58:05 2012

Member Status: Quorate

Member Name                                                     ID   Status

------ ----                                                     ---- ------

PDC-PIC-PL-CL1                                                      1
Online, Local, rgmanager

PDC-PIC-PL-CL2                                                      2
Online, rgmanager

Service Name                                               Owner
(Last)                                               State

  ------- ----                                               -----
------                                               -----

(PDC-PIC-PL-CL1)                                           failed

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