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[Linux-cluster] Linux clustering for high availability databases and other services


We have been experimenting with various storage technologies in order to create moderately highly available database services.

I have the following equipment in my lab:

4x HP G8 servers with 
* Mellanox QDR InfiniBand 
* 10GE adapters
* Lots of memory and the latest, most powerful CPUS.
* Centos 6.0

Oracle ZFS appliance
* Infiniband 
* NFS (over ethernet and infiniband)
* iSCSI (over ethernet and infiniband)
* Various RDMA protocols that are not supported by oracle  on redhat.

Nimble Storage device
* iSCSI over 10G ethernet

Brocade 10G switches.

Can I have some guidance on possible setups for HA database services? I have tested and have a good understanding of all the technology components but I am a bit confused how I should be glueing them together. I need a focus :)



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