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[Linux-cluster] CMAN nodes in different LANs


We're trying to create a cluster in which the nodes lie in 2 different LANs. Since the nodes lie in different networks, they cannot resolve the other node by their internal IP. So in my cluster.conf file, I've provided their external IPs. But now when I start CMAN service, I get the following error.


Starting cluster:
   Checking Network Manager... [  OK  ]
   Global setup... [  OK  ]
   Loading kernel modules... [  OK  ]
   Mounting configfs... [  OK  ]
   Starting cman... Cannot find node name in cluster.conf
Unable to get the configuration
Cannot find node name in cluster.conf
cman_tool: corosync daemon didn't start


My cluster.conf file is as below


<?xml version="1.0"?>
This is an example of a cluster.conf file to run qpidd HA under rgmanager.

NOTE: fencing is not shown, you must configure fencing appropriately for your cluster.

<cluster name="test-cluster" config_version="18">
  <!-- The cluster has 2 nodes. Each has a unique nodid and one vote
       for quorum. -->
    <clusternode name="external-ip-1" nodeid="1"/>
    <clusternode name="external-ip-2" nodeid="2"/>
  <cman two_node="1" expected_votes="1" transport="udpu">
  <!-- Resouce Manager configuration. -->
        There is a failoverdomain for each node containing just that node.
        This lets us stipulate that the qpidd service should always run on each node.
      <failoverdomain name="east-domain" restricted="1">
        <failoverdomainnode name="external-ip-1"/>
      <failoverdomain name="west-domain" restricted="1">
        <failoverdomainnode name="external-ip-2"/>

      <!-- This script starts a qpidd broker acting as a backup. -->
      <script file="/usr/local/etc/init.d/qpidd" name="qpidd"/>

      <!-- This script promotes the qpidd broker on this node to primary. -->
      <script file="/usr/local/etc/init.d/qpidd-primary" name="qpidd-primary"/>

    <!-- There is a qpidd service on each node, it should be restarted if it fails. -->
    <service name="east-qpidd-service" domain="east-domain" recovery="restart">
      <script ref="qpidd"/>
    <service name="west-qpidd-service" domain="west-domain" recovery="restart">
      <script ref="qpidd"/>

    <!-- There should always be a single qpidd-primary service, it can run on any node. -->
    <service name="qpidd-primary-service" autostart="1" exclusive="0" recovery="relocate">
      <script ref="qpidd-primary"/>


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