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Re: [Linux-cluster] CLVM performance

On 2012-10-24T16:38:46, Andrew Holway <a holway syseleven de> wrote:

> Hello,
> Ive been doing some testing.
> I have an iSCSI device that I have set up with CLVM. 
> I have 4 physical hosts, all with top of the range xeons and 144GB ram. 
> I have 12 KVM machines per physical machine with a total of 48 VMs.
> Each KVM is mounted on a LV.
> The performance is not very good.
> I am not a fish.
> Could CLVM be the bottleneck? Especially with so many LV's?

cLVM2 pretty much gets out of the way, except for the
adminstrative/management tasks like adding/deleting/resizing LVs. It has
almost no measurable impact on the IO latency/throughput of the LVs.

It is more likely you're looking at a bandwidth/latency problem on the
iSCSI side. Is the connection clogged? Server side overloaded? Network?


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