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[Linux-cluster] Question about KVM and cluster

We have 2 distinct clusters in 2 different server rooms for HA perposes. So services in culster A have a replica in cluster B. Files from services are rsync periodicly on the other server room.

At about every week or so, we switch the running production services from one room to another. This is working perfectly for now.

Now, I need to add a KVM virtual machine to the mix. I will then create a VM on cluster A, with it's data residing on the fiberchannel raid arrays via lvm. The VM will (I hope so) migrate from one machine to another within the same cluster when there's a failure or other. But what about migrate it to another server room ? Is this possible ? Is there a way to replicate at the block-level a lvm volume ? What are my other options ?

My other option would be to have a 2 VMs, 1 in each room, and rsync data inside the VMs, but I would like to avoir this.

Best regards.

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