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[Linux-cluster] GFS2


we're using gfs2 on drbd, we created cluster in incomplete state (only 1 node). When doing dd if=/dev/zero of=/gfs_partition/file we get filesystem freezes every 1-2 minutes for 10-20 seconds, I mean every filesystem on that machine freezes, doing ls /etc hangs in D state for 10-20 seconds. Sometimes this hang last for more than 2 minutes and hung task message gets logged in dmesg.

iotop shows gfs2_logd and flush-XXX:X kernel process taking 99% io resources.

GFS is mounted with rw,noatime,nodiratime,hostdata=jid=0 options.

gettune options:
quota_warn_period = 10
quota_quantum = 60
max_readahead = 262144
complain_secs = 10
statfs_slow = 0
quota_simul_sync = 64
statfs_quantum = 30
quota_scale = 1.0000   (1, 1)
new_files_jdata = 0

Server is kernel 3.2.0-25 64bit.

What could be the problem?

Thank you.


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