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Re: [Linux-cluster] Problem with rgmanager / rgmanager #37: Error receiving header from 2 sz=0 CTX 0x1f5d420

When I hear "BIOS update" and Dell then some red alarm signs appear in front of my mind ...

Okay, what I want to say is: did they also check the NIC firmware version? We here had really big trouble with the Broadcom NICs in our R610 machines.

Probably that has nothing to do with your problem but that has also been our impression while analyzing the strange problems we've seen here.

Coming back to your error messages ... the rgmanager cannot get the status for your service? Which kind of service are you trying to setup? It sounds like it has run before? Could you manually start the service agent(s) on node2 and see what that gives you?

Another thing: did you already activate debug inside cluster.conf?

Kind regards,


Am 20.09.2012 18:21, schrieb Ralf Aumueller:

we have a two node CentOS6.2 Cluster (rgmanager- After a reboot of
node2 the cluster won't work as expected. On node2 clustat just say's :

Cluster Status for cluster1 @ Thu Sep 20 17:06:02 2012
Member Status: Quorate

  Member Name                                                 ID   Status
  ------ ----                                                 ---- ------
  node1                                                       1 Online
  node2                                                       2 Online, Local

No services listed, no rgmanager running. Also it is not possible to
start/migrate any services to node2.

On node1 a clustat lists all configured services + under Status rgmanager on
both nodes. On node1 the rgmanager.log has lots of:
rgmanager #37: Error receiving header from 2 sz=0 CTX 0x1XXXXXX

On node2 the rgmanager.log gives me:
rgmanager #34: Cannot get status for service ...

I did not change the cluster.conf. Only change on node2 was: +48MB and an new
BIOS version -- recommend by Dell Support).

Best regards,

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