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[Linux-cluster] Fedora 19 cluster stack and Cluster registry components

I am researching the new cluster stack that is scheduled to be delivered in Fedora 19. Does anyone on this list have a sense for the timeframe for this new stack to be rolled into a RHEL release? (I assume the earliest would be RHEL 7.)

On the Windows platform, Microsoft Cluster Services provides a cluster-wide registry service that is basically a cluster-wide key:value store with atomic updates and support to store the registry on shared disk. The  storage on shared disk allows access and use of the registry in cases where nodes are frequently joining and leaving the cluster.

Are there any component(s) that can be used to provide a similar registry in the Linux cluster stack? (The current RHEL 6 stack, and/or the new Fedora 19 stack.)

Thanks in advance for your information,
Michael Richmond

michael richmond | principal software engineer | flashsoft, sandisk | +1.408.425.6731

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