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Re: [Linux-cluster] Migrate VMs between two clusters

On 04/23/2013 06:11 AM, Ralf Aumueller wrote:

we have two 2-node clusters running on CentOS 6.4. Only service managed by
clusters are KVM virtual machines. Both clusters have access to an NFS-server on
which the config and storage files of the VMs reside.
Now I want to move a VM from cluster1 to cluster2 with the following approach:

On cluster1:
  Edit cluster.conf and remove vm1 config
  cman_tool version -r
  virsh migrate --live vm1 qemu+ssh://HOST1_CL2/system tcp:HOST1_CL2

(After live migration finished)

On cluster2:
  Edit cluster.conf and add vm1 config
  cman_tool version -r
  clusvcadm -e vm:vm1
   (I have autostart="0" so I need to enable the VM. Cluster-SW finds running vm1
and clustat is OK).

I tried it and it worked -- but is it save? Any comments (expect to ask why we
have two 2-node clusters :-) ) ?

Best regard,

Did you try;

clusvcadm -M vm:foo -m target.node

That is how I live-migrate VMs. No need to remove it from the cluster and then re-add it.

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