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Re: [Linux-cluster] Red Hat Cluster Suit and DRBD

On 02/08/13 11:16, Colin Simpson wrote:
RH do support the use of DRBD with RH Cluster Suite, I guess in limited
circumstances (and not all the packages you see).

But you have to have a contract with Linbit to support the DRBD side so
RH can escalate to them if issues are on their side and not the Red Hat

There was a long RFE Bugzilla on getting DRBD into RHEL 6.


, plus a solutions article:




To expand a little on Colin's answer;

Red Hat will support an environment with DRBD installed, but they do not support DRBD itself. If there is an issue that is identified as a DRBD issue, they will forward you on to Linbit for support (different support contract needed).

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