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Re: [Linux-cluster] rgmanager or pacemaker?


Thank you for your feedback.

On 08/19/2013 09:27 PM, Digimer wrote:
You should actually grab the 1.1.10 release from git and use it to build
the RPMs. 1.1.10 has many important fixes.

I'm in the process of building new libqb, pacemaker and resource-agents RPMs and will add them to a repo that gets picked up when installing the 2 nodes.

If you are learning and do not plan to go into production until
RHEL/CentOS 7 is out, then I would recommend using Fedora 19 for your
testing and learning. RHEL 7 is expected to be based on Fedora 18/19 and
pacemaker 1.1.10 is a different beast on EL6 vs EL7/F19.

That definitely makes sense. But given the RHEL7 timeframe I would like to get my hands dirty while I still have hair :-) So I'll go for CentOS6 with the updated packages. But once I grok this magic to some extend I'll do a PoC with F19 too so I know what's ahead.

I've _started_ work on a 3rd tutorial that will be based on Pacemaker /
EL7. It's *extremely* incomplete and in very early in development, but
seeing as you're starting out, I suppose it can't hurt.


I read it and it's an excellent start. I look forward to reading the updates.


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