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[Linux-cluster] Active Storage is closing...

Hi !

When we first switch to RH Cluster, we were switching from xServers /
xSan solution, we where about to change or old xServe raid pata disk
raid enclosure to another raid encloser (still with xSan on OS X), from
Active Storage. The disk raid encloser was installed in the rack, and
all. We where about to upgrade old xserve g5 to newer xserve with
intel-base xeons.

Then apple discontinued their xserve product and we switch all of
operations to a linux-based cluster with RH Cluster suite, still using
the active raid encloser and fiber channel swicthes we had then. This
was at the begining of 2011. By the end of 2011, we also have a second
cluster, using the same technology (intel server / qlogic FC switch /
active raid disk enclosure).

Now, I just heard that active storage is closing it's doors. I was
having trouble with one of the controler of on of our unit. I have
contacted my reseller to see if they had any spare parts.

So, for the future, if I were to switch to a new storage array, is there
any suggestion I can get from you guys ? I am basicly searching for a
good fibre channel raid enclosure that is well supported by RedHat and
is not mac-centric or windows-centric...


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