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Re: [Linux-cluster] Resource tree in service?

On 02/19/2013 01:23 AM, Ryan Mitchell wrote:

Best Centos documentation I can find for that is here:

"... a non-typed child resource is started and stopped according to its
order in /etc/cluster.cluster.conf.  In addition, non-typed child
resources are started after all typed child resources have started and
are stopped before any typed child resources have stopped."

Also see the following 2 pages in the documentation I linked above. This
is virtually the same as in the RHEL6 guide and so should apply to Centos6.

Yeah, that's it... So far I had few dozen of stop/start/relocate/restart
with this service, and no problems at all.

I recommend raising a bug for this issue.

On a slightly different topic, perhaps see if pacemaker can do what you
need it to.  http://clusterlabs.org/doc/

I will raise a bug, but before that - I want to get sure this *is a bug*. Maybe I should ask on a cluster-devel list? If it's not intended behaviour, I can write the patch myself, and then report it back...

Jakov Sosic

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