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Re: [Linux-cluster] Can anyone help tackling issues with custom resource agent for RHCS?

Hallo digimer,

I already knew this link and have read FAQs and other stuff

Unfortunately, many features such as dependencies between cluster
services, that our customers demand from us to be enabled in
their clusters (and what they have been accustomed to in their
former clusters (e.g. Veritas) which are to be migrated from to
RHCS ones) are hardly anywhere documented.

But when I posted my query I was mistaken.
My ifxdb agent isn't dysfunctional. It really works.
But what it still lacks is that clurgmgrd doesn't log its actions
despite the fact that I used mentioned ocf_log function (I also
check in my agent if that function is defined at run time and if
not I resource the /usr/schare/cluster/ocf-shellfuncs) and
although it logs every step whenever I run it during disabled
services through rg_test utility.
I have no explanation why clurgmgrd is so taciturn when it comes
to logging output from my ifxdb agent.

I think that I have enabled logging up to debug level.

[root altair:/usr/share/cluster]
# grep rm /etc/cluster/cluster.conf 
	<rm log_facility="local6" log_level="7"
[root altair:/usr/share/cluster]
# grep local6 /etc/syslog.conf 


-----Urspr√ľngliche Nachricht-----
Von: Digimer [mailto:lists alteeve ca] 
Gesendet: Freitag, 22. Februar 2013 19:02
An: linux clustering
Cc: Grothe, Ralph
Betreff: Re: [Linux-cluster] Can anyone help tackling issues with
custom resource agent for RHCS?

Would this help?



On 02/22/2013 12:29 PM, Ralph Grothe itdz-berlin de wrote:
> Hello,
> I have written a custom resource agent for Informix servers in
> accordance to the OCF RA Developer's Guide
> http://www.linux-ha.org/doc/dev-guides/ra-dev-guide.html
> but I have some doubt if it properly integrates with RHCS's
> idiosyncrasies.
> I would have liked to save me the work finding out all the
> deviations, and would have taken a readily supplied agent for
> Informix Server resources if only I had found one.
> I found that I not only had to write the agent and simply place
> it in /usr/share/cluster
> (as far as I understand this would have sufficed in a Pacemaker
> cluster, albeit under a different directory path)
> I also had to tinker with
> /usr/share/system-config-cluster/misc/cluster.ng in order to
> my extensions pass the XML validity check.
> Now my new <ifxdb/> tag is accepted in cluster.conf along with
> its paramtrezation via in the agent's meta-data dump as well as
> my definitions in cluster.ng,
> and I was able to successfully commit an ccs_tool update.
> These are the attributes and actions my agent supports so far:
> # /usr/share/cluster/ifxdb.sh meta-data|grep -E
> '(parameter|action) name'
>          <parameter name="server" primary="1" unique="1">
>          <parameter name="home" required="1">
>          <parameter name="config" required="1">
>          <parameter name="version">
>          <parameter name="locale">
>          <parameter name="user">
>          <parameter name="dbdate">
>          <parameter name="dbmoney">
>          <parameter name="log">
>          <action name="start" timeout="60"/>
>          <action name="stop" timeout="60"/>
>          <action name="recover" timeout="180"/>
>          <action name="status" depth="1" timeout="10"
> interval="15"/>
>          <action name="monitor" depth="10" timeout="20"
> interval="30"/>
>          <action name="meta-data" timeout="5"/>
>          <action name="verify-all" timeout="5"/>
> rg_test shows its rules and I am able to start, stop and
> (or status in RHCS mannerism) my Informix resources
> like e.g.
> # rg_test test /etc/cluster/cluster.conf start ifxdb ju_09tcp
> I can also enable, stop and relocate every service that
> an instance of my ifxdb resource via clusvcadm.
> As I made ample use of the ocf_log function
> (I prefer to have some meaningful output from the agents in the
> logs)
> at the command line when invoked through rg_test the agent
> verbosely reports what it's doing.
> What puzzles me is that I cannot see any of these logging
> when my agent is run by clurgmgrd.
> That it is run at all I can verify as on e.g. service startup
> Informix server instance is successfully started.
> What puzzles me even more is that I cannot see any entries in
> /var/log/messages from the regular monitoring invocatins of the
> agent at given intervals according to above meta-data dump, so
> if no resource monitoring checks are at all performed.
> And even worse, when I shutdown an Informix instance manually
> (e.g. omnode -ky) it doesn't get restarted by clurgmgrd even
> though *no* __independent_subtree attribute is defined in the
> ifxdb tags of cluster.conf.
> So although I can manually start, stop and relocate the
> services through clusvcadm, the whole rgmanager HA treatment
> seems dysfunctional to me.
> Is there anything or anywhere that I have forgotten to also
> manipulate to fully enable my custom resource agent?
> Regards,
> Ralph

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