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Re: [Linux-cluster] Please settle a bet for me

On 07/01/13 19:25, Bill G. wrote:
Hi list,

We are having a discussion about clustering on RHEL 5.2 and 5.4.

Knowing that there are no supported fence devices for VMWare 4.1 and the
given versions of RHEL.

As far as I can tell there must be a fence device for any type of
automatic fail over, but coworkers are insisting that if a clustered
process dies it can and will automatically start/fail over... it just
won't if there is a hardware failure. They are also saying that you will
be able to move processes from one node to another without fencing.

I am insisting that clustering does not work without an fence device.

Please settle this :)

Clustering will work without a fence device but no-one will support you doing it. In the vast majority of cases you are risking your data.

In particular cases you can run without fencing if you really, really, really know what you are doing (ie are on the dev team) and have a particular workload. But if you misjudge the installation ... see above :)


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