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Re: [Linux-cluster] Cluster Shut Down Procedures

I’m really not sure.


I’ve never heard of the css command and man css does not show results.


What I’ve read on some blogs thus far is; because the cluster is going down

in totality, you need to tell the system to ignore the quorum, stop the fencing

and then leave the cluster however, I have not heard anyone corroborate this

info. I hate being the newbie.


umount /mnt                                                     - Unmounts a GFS file system IF required

vgchange -aln                                                     - Deactivates LVM volumes (locally)

killall clvmd                                                          - Stops the CLVM daemon

fence_tool leave                                              - Leaves the fence domain (stops fenced)

cman_tool leave remove -w                       - Leaves the cluster


Steve K


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I typically do a ccs --stopall, shutdown, startup, then because stopall disables cluster autostart i do a ccs --startall.




On Jan 24, 2013, at 3:14 PM, Steve Wegner <swegner celltrak com>


Could it be as simple as “ service rgmanager stop “ on each node, then normal shutdown?



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I hate to ask simple questions however, I’ve been perusing

books and blogs for two hours and have no definitive procedure;


We are having a power outage. What is the procedure to completely

shut down and power off a Red Hat 6.3 cluster?


Thanks in advance! Steve K

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