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Re: [Linux-cluster] LDAP as a service

On 01/24/2013 01:57 PM, Dryden, Tom issued this missive:

Good Afternoon,

There are a couple of reasons to implement LDAP on a cluster.
1. I have a cluster with GFS partitions available.


2. Want to avoid the cost putting up 2 more machines for master  -
master LDAP operation.

Master-master LDAP replication is not hard to do and you're still going
to have two machines running LDAP. Perhaps not simultaneously, but you
will still have two machines.

3. Want to avoid the timeout the client experiences when the primary is

This is what the TIMEOUT and SIZELIMIT and NETWORK_TIMEOUT variables in
the various incarnations of the ldap.conf file are for. The defaults do
make things sluggish if a primary goes down, but you can tweak that.

My thought is to have the LADP data stored on a GFS partition while the
LDAP server process and IP address are managed as a service.  In this
configuration the process can move between nodes with no impact to the

Personally, I think you're over complicating things and unless you have
a ridiculously big LDAP database that you don't want to replicate, I
don't think you're really buying anything here. We run several master-
master LDAP clusters here--even with one replicating across the country
(California <--> Florida). Works fine.

That being said, as with most FOSS stuff, there's more than one way to
skin a mule. Do as you wish.
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