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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_ovh - Fence agent for OVH (Proxmox 3)

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> Hi Adrian,

> On 06/26/2013 07:55 PM, Adrian Gibanel wrote:
> > I've improved my former fence_ovh script so that it works in
> > Proxmox 3 and so that it uses suds library as I was suggested in
> > the linux-cluster mailing list.
> >
> > 1) What is fence_ovh
> >
> > fence_ovh is a fence agent based on python for the big French
> > datacentre provider OVH. You can get information about OVH on:
> > http://www.ovh.co.uk/ . I also wanted to make clear that I'm not
> > part of official OVH staff.
> >
> Thanks, you have done a great job in that rewrite. I have modified it
> a
> little to better fit into our existing infrastructure (--verbose,
> --plug). The only real change that I have added is that SOAP is not
> disconnected after every operation. Please take a look at it and
> (very
> likely) fix minor errors which I have introduced as I was not able to
> test it.

Thank you Marek!

  About the SOAP disconnection it's ok you not logging out at each time but I think the soap login should be tried just before calling the reboot_time function. The reason is that I'm afraid that 150 or 240 seconds are long enough for session to timeout. Maybe they are not but I prefer to be in the safe side.

  I have not tested it yet too but I've seen some changes that can made to it:

	elif options["--action"] in  ['on', 'off' ]:
should be:
	elif options["--action"] in  ['on', 'reboot' ]:

And at:

session = soap.service.login(options["--username"], options["--password"], 'es', 0)

You should use 'en' instead of 'es' so that default errors are printed in English by default.

Again, thank you!


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