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Re: [Linux-cluster] fence_xvm nopt working

On 18/07/13 07:54, Vishesh kumar wrote:
Hi All,

I am trying to implement fence_xvm using backend libvirt. Everything is
setup fine and fence_virt.conf have following configuration

backends  {
     libvirt  {
         uri  =  "qemu:///system";


listeners  {
     multicast  {
         port  =  "1229";
         family  =  "ipv4";
         address  =  "";
         key_file  =  "/etc/cluster/fence_xvm.key";


fence_virtd  {
     module_path  =  "/usr/lib64/fence-virt";
     backend  =  "libvirt";
     listener  =  "multicast";

But this does not work as daeom fence_virtd immediately after starting.
I am unable to find any log as well.

Changing backend to checkpoint resolve the issue of fence_virtd
stoppage, but i have no idea to implement checkpoint backend.

This is a not-quite-finished tutorial I have been working on to cover fencing with fence_xvm / fence_virtd. Perhaps it would help?


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