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Re: [Linux-cluster] How CMirror do replication between luns on diffrence storages

Daemon providing device-mapper-based mirrors in a shared-storage cluster

The cmirror package provides user-level tools for managing cluster mirroring. Cmirror is needed for LVM-based mirroring (RAID1) in a cluster environment

I if rember well, the cmirror daemon is needed when you have a share storage and you use a lvm mirror

2013/3/17 Nattapon Viroon <droidbkk gmail com>


  I try setup data replication between storages and use gfs on top.
Im not sure which solutions is good to go between clvm+cMirror+gfs or DRBD+gfs

 DRBD is do raid1 across network that require extra network channel to do replication

But I don't know how actually cMirror work to replicate data between luns.
Do the cMirror require separate network channel to do data replication ?
or cMirror do replicate via fibre channel ?

Please advise.


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