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Re: [Linux-cluster] Oracle failover cluster, whole /u01 on shared storage?

Hello Cristian

I don't understand what it's your problem, i have two redhat cluster with oracle with this config

node1+node2(oracle+ext3fs+lvm+san), the oracle datafiles && oracle home are on san, if i need do some work, i make it on the node where the service are active


2013/3/29 Digimer <lists alteeve ca>
On 03/29/2013 06:02 AM, Cristian Mammoli wrote:
On 25/03/2013 22:33, Cristian Mammoli wrote:
I'm not talking about rac and/or gfs, just a plain old active/passive
cluster. What's the right way to implement it?
As far as I understand the easiest way is to put the whole $ORACLE_HOME
on shared storage (SAN) and mount it on the active node.
But in this way I loose the chance to do "rolling updates":
Update Oracle software on node2, migrate instance to node2, update
software on node1 ecc

If install Oracle software on each node and put database files on shared
storage (eg. /u02) there are some files which reside inside $ORACLE_HOME
anyway (spfile, listener, audit trail ecc). How do I keep them in sync?


anyone? :(

Your question is probably better suited for an Oracle mailing list. I don't see RAC discussed here much.

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