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Re: [Linux-cluster] error clusvcadm

Hi Delphine,
It seems there is some filesystem crash. Please share your /var/log/messages and /etc/cluster/cluster.conf file to help you futher.

Rajveer Singh

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 11:58 AM, Delphine Ramalingom <delphine ramalingom univ-reunion fr> wrote:

I have a problem and I need some help.

Our cluster linux have been stopped for maintenance in the room server butr, an error was occured during the stopping procedure :
Local machine disabling service:HA_MGMT...Failure

The cluster was electrically stopped. But since the restart, I don't succed to restart services with command clussvcadm.
I have this message :

clusvcadm -e HA_MGMT
Local machine trying to enable service:HA_MGMT...Aborted; service failed
<err>    startFilesystem: Could not match LABEL=postfix with a real device

Do you have a solution for me ?

Thanks a lot in advance.


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