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[Linux-cluster] quota=accounting, needed on all nodes?

Hi guys,


right now we’re working on some quota accounting and we have the following setup:

Loadbalancer ->

Node1 – FTP Service

Node2-41 – Webserver Nodes


Most of the incoming data traffic that is stored comes over node1, which hosts the FTP server. It’s logic that we use quota=accounting on this one. But now imagine wordpress or typo3 running on the webspace and therefore node2-41 can also store uploads on the storage.

Do we need quota=accounting on those 40 Nodes too or does Node1 do the accounting for all of them? If we need it on the other 40 nodes, do they somehow synchronize (node12 and node32 running uploads for the same user at the same time, thus creating some kind of race condition?) and how about performance. I can imagine that keeping track of 41 synchronized quota states is somehow expensive.


If it’s too expensive, I thought about only enabling the accounting at Node1, but doing a quotacheck every 2-6 months, since 453GB (338458 directories and 2817145 files) take about 12 hours to finish


Thanks in advance for your input and help.


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