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Re: [Linux-cluster] Adding a node back to cluster failing

Hello Zama,

picking just the luci bits below and supposing you are using RHEL 6
generation luci,

On 04/11/13 18:40 +0800, Zama Ques wrote:
> We are having a node two cluster with manual fencing configuration.
> One of the node died because of some hardware issue and we removed
> the dead node from the cluster
> The faulty node is now recovered and we need to add this node back
> to cluster.  We are trying to add the node using luci interface.
> But while adding the add using "Add a node " from the luci
> interface, the addition of node fails with the error that
> "that node is already a part of the cluster".

A. The host "%s" is already a member of cluster "%s"


B. %s is already a member of a cluster named "%s"

or some other message (interpolate "%s" above with your values)?

> But the node name is not there in cluster.conf file.

you are talking about the original surviving node now, right?

It seems more likely to me that B. from above is right, so then,
please make sure there is no /etc/cluster/cluster.conf on the node you
are trying to add (may be a leftover from the original setup of this
recovered node).

If this does not solve your issue, I am all ears.


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