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Re: [Linux-cluster] mounting a replicated lun

On 20/11/13 16:33, Digimer wrote:
> On 20/11/13 16:27, Paras pradhan wrote:
>> I have a LUN which is mounted as gfs2. We replicated this LUN and will
>> need to mount this replicated LUN to another mount point. To create a
>> gfs2 mount point what I do is:  pvcreate , vgcreate -c , lvcreate then
>> mkfs.gfs2 . But since this replicated it has already data on it .how do
>> we mount this?
>> This is CentOS/RHEL 5.
>> Thanks
>> Paras.
> The mkfs.gfs2 will erase whatever is already on the LUN. The pvcreate
> alone is probably enough to damage it. What FS is on it now?

Oops, I see now that it is already gfs2. If the other node is in the
same cluster, it's just a matter of making sure there are enough
journals. Assuming there is, you should be able to just connect the LUN
to the node and mount it. I see no reason to do the LVM or mkfs.gfs2 steps.

Always best to test of course.

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