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Re: [Linux-cluster] mounting a replicated lun

On 11/20/2013 10:29 PM, Paras pradhan wrote:
> Since the luns are same in all aspects, will it automatically configure
> itself the new one and mount it to /test?

As far as mounting goes (this is the same for any file system) it will
depend on how the LUN was configured and used in the first place.

If you're using something like LVM2 which identifies a device by a label
written to the disk itself then the system will find it and activate
whatever volume groups it contains regardless of the device name or
identifier (WWID).

If you're using plain multipath or bare devices on the other hand then
the device WWID will be different for the original LUN vs. the
replicated one. This will cause SCSI or multipath device names to change
and if those are used in fstab, scripts or cluster configuration files
then the device will not mount without manual changes to update that

I'm not expert in gfs2 and cluster specifics so you'll need to consider
Bob's advice as well to ensure you get a correct set up for the new
device (and have it consistent across the cluster).


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