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Re: [Linux-cluster] Restarting GFS2 without reboot

On 26/11/13 07:41, Vladimir Melnik wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 12:17:14PM +0000, Steven Whitehouse wrote:
>>> Okay, one node has gone down, but why the second node can't keep working with
>>> the filesystem? :-( That's what surprises and scares me at the same time.
>> Well the second node will need to ensure quorum, so you should have a
>> two node set up configured. That will require some kind of tie-breaker
>> so I'm guessing that you are using qdisk for that? This is why it would
>> help if you posted your config, as otherwise I'm left guessing,
> I'm using corosync instead of qdiskd. And here's my cluser.conf, it
> looks really simple:
> <?xml version="1.0"?>
> <cluster name="ckvm1_pod1" config_version="5">
>     <clusternodes>
>     <clusternode name="***.host1.ckvm1.***" votes="1" nodeid="1">
>       <fence>
>         <method name="single">
>           <device name="host1_ipmi"/>
>         </method>
>       </fence>
>     </clusternode>
>     <clusternode name="***.host2.ckvm1.***" votes="1" nodeid="2">
>       <fence>
>         <method name="single">
>           <device name="host2_ipmi"/>
>         </method>
>       </fence>
>     </clusternode>
>   </clusternodes>
>   <fencedevices>
>     <fencedevice name="host1_ipmi" agent="fence_ipmilan" ipaddr="***" login="***" passwd="***"/>
>     <fencedevice name="host2_ipmi" agent="fence_ipmilan" ipaddr="***" login="***" passwd="***"/>
>   </fencedevices>
>   <rm>
>     <failoverdomains/>
>     <resources/>
>   </rm>
> </cluster>

Stephen was right, you don't have qdisk and you haven't configured for
2-node configuration.

Either add a qdisk or disable quorum with:

	<cman expected_votes="1" two_node="1"/>

You have a SAN, so using qdisk is the better idea.

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